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From a single part to a complete steam system, B.M. Kramer is your steam solution expert.

B.M. Kramer & Company, a family-owned company, has been the region's leading supplier of steam systems and products since 1946. From pipe and fittings to complete specialty steam systems, you can always count on us for the right solution. We carry the region’s largest selection of Spirax Sarco and other steam system manufacturers, allowing us to resolve almost any challenge. And we'll be as integral in planning and implementing your steam system as you need—even to the point of helping you write the specification you need for approval.

Our Products

Thermostatic Steam Traps

Utilize heat energy in condensate.

For applications where it would be desirable to make use of the heat in the condensate such as sterilization and steam radiators, a thermostatic steam trap is an ideal solution, as it will not open until the condensate temperature drops below saturated steam temperature. This allows the heat in the condensate to be utilized before it is drained off; which reduces flash steam losses and can help to reduce energy costs.

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Thermodynamic Steam Traps

Maintain optimum performance with simplicity.

Thermodynamic steam traps are the best choice for steam mains drainage due to their simplicity, long life and robust construction. With a large condensate capacity for their size, the all stainless steel construction of the thermodynamic traps offer a high degree of resistance to corrosive condensate.

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Vacuum Breaker & Air Eliminators

Protect plant and process equipment against the effects of the vacuum.

Air eliminators improve the circulation of pressurized liquids by eliminating air, which may collect at high points in a system.

One of the most common applications of a vacuum breaker is on process equipment such as jacketed pans and heat exchangers. When these items are turned off they still contain a certain amount of steam. The steam condenses as the vessel cools down, and since condensate occupies a much smaller volume than steam, vacuum conditions are generated. This vacuum condition can prevent condensate from being discharged from equipment unless the vacuum condition is relieved.

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F & T Steam Traps

Maintain optimum process performance.

Ball float mechanical steam traps have an integral air vent and are ideal for use on process applications where condensate must be removed as soon as it forms, to safeguard against temperature fluctuation which would lead to issues such as product spoilage and inadequate heating. The mechanical steam trap range is adaptable to all applications where instantaneous removal of condensate is required.

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Pivotrol Pressure Powered Pumps

Gain total control over your steam processes.

Spirax Sarco offers a self-contained unit using steam or other pressurized gas as its motive power. There are no electric motors or level switches, simplifying installation and making it ideal for wet or hazardous areas. Featuring reliable PowerPivot® technology outperforms more complicated and expensive condensate handling systems. An added benefit is the ability to effectively pump high-temperature fluids, eliminating plant maintenance problems caused by leaking mechanical seals and cavitation.

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